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Cosmetic Safety Assessments -

CPSR Cosmetic Product Safety Report

Cosmetic Safety Assessment Service/Certification/CPSR


You must have a valid safety assessment  to legally be able to sell your product in the UK and the EU. The safety assessment certifies that those ingredients listed can be made up in a variety of combinations as long as they do not exceed the stated limits.  The assessment also lists the product restrictions and limits for you, making it an easy reference guide when developing your formulas.


Soap School can provide contact details for a number of Assessors who can provide Safety Assesments.  Please feel free to email us for a list of safety ssessors who an help you with your assessment.


There is no requirement to register with Trading Standards, however you do have to register the fact you are making cosmetics with Brussels here:

First you must register with the ECAS

From there you will go into the CPNP site to actually register your products.

They do include a ‘help’ page here:



The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone, we are just a phone call or email away.   We have been helping our clients with their cosmetic regulations now for over 15 years and have watched many successful businesses develop which many of you say would never have started without our help and guidance.  


Let’s make your dreams happen!

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